Kill Parents—Advertise Party On Facebook: UPDATE

The seventeen year old teenager that was accused of killing his parents by beating them to death with a hammer was charged Tuesday July 19th of second degree murder. He was originally arrested on charges of first degree murder on Saturday after his parents were discovered in the master bedroom dead with the hammer between them. The seventeen year old has a public defender and has been denied bail.

The police are calling the killing of his parents as a brutal and merciless killing. There is no official motive to date as to why he killed his parents although some of the people at the party have told the local media that he killed his parents because they had planned to stop the part.

They are also investigating his relationship with his parents to see if there were any previous problems but the teenager has not given any statements that were incriminating. Because the teenager is six months away from being eighteen he cannot be given the death penalty so the prosecution will be pressing for life in prison. Neighbors that were talked to stated that the teenager was a good kid.

The parents bodies were found in the master bedroom covered up after the police had received a tip about the bodies.