Hawaii’s Island Ecosystem Threatened by Snakes

Over the years Hawaii has been successful in preventing any snakes from coming into the island paradise and by doing this they are able to avoid the danger that snakes present to the colorful plants, vibrant environment, and tropical birds. Pet snakes are illegal to own in Hawaii but recently they have been capturing some escaped pet snakes. They are also concerned by the infestation of brown tree snakes in Guam that could make it to the islands via cargo ships.

There are no natural predators on the islands to take care of the snakes so it would not take much for the snakes to multiply and potentially kill off flowers and endangered birds which make the islands of Hawaii so special. They are worried that Hawaii may face the same thing that happened in Guam following World War II when brown tree snakes took over the island. When the snakes took over the island they killed most of the birds from the skies.

The reason they are so concerned is that Hawaii, per square mile, is home to more endangered species than anywhere else in the world. It could be devastating if the islands were to be over run with snakes. The islands are so serious about keeping snakes out of the islands that if anyone is caught with an illegal snake in their possession they can be fined as much as two hundred thousand dollars and face up to three years in prison. If they turn over the snake they could be granted amnesty.

They have captured a seven foot albino Burmese python and a nine foot boa constrictor this month.

Brown tree snake