(Yet Another) Waste of Tax Payers Money

At a price of three hundred million dollars in tax payer’s money the Navy is sending two ships to the scrap heap. These two ships are not only unused but were never completely built. In 1985 the two ships that were to be used to haul oil were requisitioned by the United States Navy. This is a very serious waste of tax payer’s money with the large belt tightening budget cuts.

They are calling these two massive ships “ghost ships” which are leaving their docks for the first time not to go on a mission but to go to the ship graveyard and be turned into scrap metal. They will be dismantled at a Texas scrap yard. If you thought loosing three hundred million dollars on two ships that were never used here is another way the United States is throwing money away.

The United States has awarded a ten million dollar contract to dismantle four other ships not to a United States firm but to a firm in the United Kingdom. This means that there will be no reclamation money returning to the United States. When you add it all up the United States flushed over three hundred and ten million dollars down the drain for two ships never used and need to be dismantled plus two other ships to dismantle and turn into scrap metal.

The two unused ships were part of a five hundred sixty seven million dollar request for three oil carrying ships but the builder defaulted on the contract, then another firm was contracted to finish the ships but they cancelled over a price dispute so they were never built. Now they are being scrapped because they do not meet the modern specs required to be refurbished.