Shopping For Back to School Bargains

School for most of the nation will begin sometime in August and everyone is scrambling around trying to get the school supplies needed plus new school clothes. Both of these can put a major dent in a family’s budget. There is also the price of school book rentals which on the average is over a hundred dollars a year to rent the books and work books. To help decrease the dent in your family school budget shop smarter. Get the school supplies at your local dollar store where everything is under a dollar. Yes, the crayons are a generic brand but they color just as good as a brand name, and they break just as easy too.

Shop at yard sales for clothing bargains even though your teenager would not be happy to have to wear “second hand” clothes or visit a thrift store in one of the upper class neighborhoods. These are ways to get clothes for your growing children without paying too much. If there are mothers in the neighborhood that have children around the same age, get together and have a clothing exchange. Smaller children seem to grow so fast that they grow out of their clothing before the clothes wear out.

When it comes to school supplies, wait until school starts to make sure just what your child is going to need because those school supply lists are just generic lists and each teacher usually has their own supply list for their class. You can ask your child’s teacher just what supplies they need and only get them. This will save you money by not buying unnecessary supplies.

These are just two ways to save money when your children go back to school.