World’s Most Humane Prison In Norway

When you are convicted of a crime you are normally sent to prison to serve out your sentence as a punishment and most people who have watched television have seen that most of these prison cells are anything but fancy and luxurious. In Halden, Norway they are taking a different approach to serving time in prison for committing a crime. This prison is taking a “humane” approach to being punished. This prison opened in 2010 and is already bragging about their rehabilitation system as being on of the highest standards.

This prison offers its inmates an individual cell with a bathroom, flat screen television and many other comforts. The cell, if you can call it that, measures one hundred thirty square feet and are divided up into units of ten to twelve cells that share a kitchen and a living room. It is almost like you are in a student’s dorm at college instead of being at a prison.

It is the second largest prison in Norway and cost one hundred sixty five million Euro to build. They spent over seven hundred sixty thousand Euro alone on artwork for the prison, which houses two hundred and forty eight male inmates. Soon one of those inmates may be the famous shooter that just killed over ninety people in a combination of shooting and bomb explosion.

These inmates are also offered a range of formative courses at a high school that is located inside the prison with courses such as science, catering, music with a professional sound studio, art, and more.

Are these “prisoners” being punished or are they being patted on the back and being told “good job” for whatever crime they have committed?