High School Closed After Signs of Methamphetamine Found On Site

A high school in West Virginia has closed because officials have discovered traces of a drug in the building called methamphetamine. And it is not bad enough to find these traces of methamphetamines in the school but they have also arrested the principal and one teacher.

The principal and teacher of Boone Country Career and Technical Center in West Virginia are being accused of purchasing the material that is used to make Meth and manufacturing it last spring. This is a very dangerous and addictive drug that is plaguing our streets and now traces are being found in a school

The authorities are saying that “they do not believe the drug was manufactured at the school” but that the traces that were found were the result of it being smoked at school. Manufactured or smoked at the school is bad either way you look at, especially when it involves a teacher and the principal. Neither one is setting a good example for the children they are supposed to be teaching and watching over.

The residue was found by the Department of Health and they stated that they felt it was better for the students and facility to close the school while they complete their testing. The school serves around four hundred and fifty students and will stay closed indefinitely. The school is making plans to decontaminate the building.

There has been nothing said as to why they checked the school for the drug or what is going to happen with the displaced students.