Jack3D Energy Drink Jacks Up The Number of Banned Athletes

It seems that the energy drink Jack3D from USP Labs is jacking up athletes a little TOO much for governing sports anti-doping agencies. The most recent event was the banning of two New Zealand swimmers, after they used Jack3D energy drinks, which contain the stimulant methylhexaneamine.

Naturally, one of the swimmers, Blair Jacobs, said he didn’t know that the Jack3d product contained methylhexaneamine, adding to a long list of not so bright athletes taking supplements without apparently first reading the label. It constantly amazes that “elite” athletes, who plan their exercise and diet plans to the minute detail, fail to read what’s in these amazing performance enhancing supplements. I guess they just close their eyes and gulp them down.

Now, we here at CE have not actually seen the product, so we don’t know if the manufacturer and marketer of Jack3, USP Labs, actually list all the ingredients, including methylhexaneamine, on the packaging.

Either way, the National Anti-Doping Organisation (Nado) advises that athletes need to educate themselves on the ingredients in their pre workout drinks and other bodybuilding supplements available around the world. All these substances contain a wide variety of ingredients that could lead to a suspension or even a permanent ban. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure they are not ingesting banned substances. Just as in law, ignorance is not a defense, and ignorance is certainly not bliss, as the popular saying suggests.

Methylhexaneamine, aka 1.3 dimethylamylamine, is similar to a mild amphetamine. It is found in many different brands in Europe and Australia. The scary thing is, the side effects of Methylhexeamine are not well studied or known, and there have been both positive and negative reports on it’s effects.

The biggest known effect is being banned from competition, and at least one known stripping of a medal, when a Nigerian athlete was stripped of a gold medal in the Commonwealth games 100m event. Naturally, USP Labs executives state that Jack3d energy drinks, while not legal in some sports, is 100% safe to use, based on their “rigorous” testing. The product has been banned in Canada, which is generally tougher on sports supplements than most countries.