July Heat Wave Records Across America

There was no place in the United States that you could have gone to escape the blistering hot July heat wave. Every state in the union was affected. Some suffered only weeks while others suffered the entire month. At some point during the July heat wave nearly two hundred million people were affected in the United States.

There were approximately two thousand seven hundred and twelve temperature records that were either broken or tied. In 2010 there were only one thousand four hundred forty four records tied or broken. At some point during the blistering July heat wave at least one weather station in every state tied or set a daily high temperature record.

Even Alaska was not exempt from the heat wave when it reached ninety seven degrees on July 11th. In Morehead, Minnesota they had the honor of being the hottest place in the United States for one day when the heat index reached one hundred thirty four degrees. The heat index is a combination of the measurement of temperature and humidity. Even rivers and lakes broke temperature records with the Potomac River getting that distinction when the temperature of the water hit ninety six degrees, the hottest ever recorded.

On a personal note, the older generation use to say “the winter will be as cold as the summer is hot” so if that is the case, then the United States better brace for a cold, cold winter.