Swedish Man Builds Nuclear Reactor In Kitchen

In a small town on the coast of Sweden a citizen was arrested for trying to construct his own nuclear reactor in his own kitchen. This man, who has not been named, has always had a fascination with nuclear power and with his plans to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen and did not mind being open about it either although no one took him seriously. He spent one thousand dollars on supplies that he had shipped in from a foreign country that was not specified and started to work on his nuclear reactor. He made sure to use his Geiger counter to monitor the radiation levels in his house.

He got caught because he placed a call to the Swedish Radiation Authority just to check and see if there were any laws in regard to homemade nuclear reactors. Not long after he made this call the local police came to his home, placed him under arrest, and confiscated his materials.

After he vowed to refrain from any more experimentation in building a nuclear reactor he was released after being questioned. So if you want to experiment with building a nuclear reactor in your own kitchen do not call and ask if there are any laws against doing such an experiment in your home. Use the internet and check yourself. Better yet, do not even attempt such an experiment.

Swede Tries To Make Nuke Reactor In Kitchen
WSOC Charlotte, on Wed, 03 Aug 2011 05:10:00 -0700

Well, residents of one Swedish apartment building found out their neighbor was building a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. He was also blogging about his adventures in radioactivity. Helsingborgs Dagblad, who said he has always been interested in 


Swede detained for building nuclear reactor in kitchen
Wired.co.uk, on Wed, 03 Aug 2011 05:09:15 -0700

The mad scientist, who kept track of his experiments on a blog titled Richard’s Reactor, came to the attention of the police after he inquired on the legality of constructing a nuclear reactor at home. He was told that somebody would be sent to measure 


Swede Arrested For Attempting To Build Own Nuclear Reactor In His Kitchen
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However, he was caught because of his own doing after he reportedly placed a call to the Swedish Radiation Authority asking if there were any laws prohibiting building a nuclear reactor in a private home.