Job Skills That Are Still In Demand

In today’s shaky economy, factories closing, and people losing their jobs, everyone might wonder just what job skills they need to assure them getting a job and then keeping it. Here are some skills that are in great demand, what they involve, and jobs utilizing that skill.

Organizational skills—being able to stay focused while doing multiple things at work. A job that demands that skill is being a medical assistant where this person would have to juggle clinical and administrative tasks. Another job would be a paralegal where the ability to be organized is a top skill to getting this type of job.

People skills—being able to work well other people, enjoy meeting new people, and having no trouble starting a conversation with others. One job requiring this skill would be working as a human resource specialist where your job would be recruiting workers. Another job would be as a sales representative.

Creative skills—being able to see brainstorm and see potential where others do not and love to create new things. One such job would be a graphic designer where you get to design things for a client such as a new brochure, their website, and more. Another job would be as a marketing specialist where you market products to general public.

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skill listed being in the highest demand. 1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Institute Web site, project managers still have to develop their people skills The IIBA describes the job of a BA as a “liaison among stakeholders in order to 


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While the majority of unemployed professionals right now are facing  what is in tremendous demand is not the “skills“. It’s the “resumes”. 


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