Honda Recall: Announces Massive 2.5 Million Car Recall, Faulty Transmission Parts

In what seems like a never ending list of auto recalls, Honda has joined the party, just today, announcing that is recalling 2.5 Million vehicles.   Honda says a faulty part in automatic transmissions can cause engines to stall.

The recall mostly affects Honda vehicles sold in the United States and in China.  While not the largest Honda recall ever, it certainly is one of their most massive to date.

Honda says there have been many incidents where the secondary shaft bearing broke, which can cause a misalignment of the gearbox shaft, which in turn can cause the vehicle to stall.  If you have been experiencing an abnormal noise, now you know why.   Luckily, there have yet to be any accidents or deaths caused by this defect.

1.5 Million of the recalled cars are in the U.S. and affects the 2005 – 2010 Honda Accord, the 2007 -2010 CR-V,  and the 2005 – 2009 Odyssey (ugly, just dump it and buy a real car).  Honda plans on contacting all owners of these models to notify and provide instructions on where to take their vehicle to get the defect fixed.

It seems that Honda taken the initiative and has moved fast in announcing this defect and recall, a welcome change from some manufacturers (ahem, Toyota).