Eat a Mediterranean Diet, Add Years to Your Life

If you want to live longer you should consider eating a Mediterranean diet, quit smoking, have a regular exercise program and keep a health weight If you a man you can add up to eight and half years to your life and if you are a woman you can add up to fifteen years to your life.

The new study found that if you followed these four healthy factors you can cut the risk of a premature death. The research study used data from the lifestyle and diet of over one hundred twenty thousand women and men who are from fifty five to sixty nine years of age.

This is also called a Mediterranean lifestyle if you incorporate all four healthy factors. Here are some of the guidelines you should follow if you want to live this type of lifestyle.

  • Make sure you get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day
  • You should include primarily plant based foods like vegetables and fruits plus legumes, nuts, and whole grains.
  • Use olive oil and canola oil instead of butter
  • Instead of using salt to season food use spices and herbs.
  • You should limit eating red meat to no more than just a few times a month
  • At least two times a week you should eat poultry and fish
  • This is optional but you should drink red wine in moderation.

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The heart-healthy Mediterranean diet emphasizes healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.

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Rather than limiting total fat intake, the Mediterranean diet makes wise choices about the type of fats that are used.