United States Military Navy Seals Helicopter Shot Down

In Afghanistan the Taliban have shot down a military helicopter. On board the helicopter were Navy Seals and seven from Afghanistan commandos. The Navy Seals were part of the elite group that killed Osama bin Laden. In this ten year old war, this was the worse single loss for the American forces. This hit to the tight knit group of Navy Seals Team 6 came just six months after the attack that killed Osama bin Laden.

Although they were all from same unit none of the ones that were killed in the helicopter crash were part of the team that made this attack. Special operation forces are at the front lately during the strategy of knocking out important insurgent leaders in specific raids. As regular troops are being pulled out of this unpopular and costly war the special operation forces, which include the Navy Seals, are going to be depended on even more.

Although the crash is still being investigated officials in Washington are saying it appears that the helicopter was shot down. The Taliban are claiming that they shot the helicopter down using a rocket.

The official death reports state that the Americans killed were twenty two Navy Seals, a dog handler and his dog, and three Air Force air controllers. There were four other Americans but the report did not state anything about them. No names have been released as the officials were still notifying the families of the ones that were killed.