Arizona Tourism Earns Big In Bird Watching

The tourism industry in Arizona is earning huge money these days due to the influx of many kinds of interesting birds in the area.  Bird watchers around the world are now regularly visiting Arizona to see many kinds of birds such as sand-hill crane, red-faced warbler among others.

David Pashley of the American Bird Conservancy said Arizona is now considered as one of the three best places in the United States to look for birds.  Pashley said Arizona official are now cashing in on this scenario and is now earning big for various bird watching activities.  According to reports, Arizona is a perfect place for bird watching since more than 140 bird species are found in Southern Arizona, and birding festivals take place year-round throughout the state, including Yuma and in northern Arizona’s Verde Valley.

Bird watching experts revealed one of the best-known birding destinations is the southeastern city of Sierra Vista, which hosts the annual Southwest Wings Birding and Nature Festival.  The festival which drew thousands of participants is usually held every Aug 3-6, and is now on its 20th year.
Joe Yarchin, an Arizona Game and Fish Department project coordinator revealed they are very grateful for having so many kind of birds since it gives the government huge revenues.  “Those are the strongest kind of birding areas in deserts. People certainly don’t think of Arizona as any kind of mecca for birders,” Yarc hin said.   “Everyone thinks death and desolation when they think of desert,” Yarchin added.

Due to its many birds, Sierra Vista is now considered as the “Hummingbird Capital since it has documented more than a dozen species of hummingbirds that are found nowhere else in the country.  Bird watching aficionados are also interested to visit Arizona to witness border-crossing birds.  “A bunch of birds that are Mexican in distribution get into that part of the country,” Pashley said.  “There are essentially Mexican birds that you can see there that you can’t see anywhere else,” Pashley added.
Data from the internet has shown that bird watching is a huge business since birders spent more than $12 billion nationwide on travel and equipment expenses such as cameras, binoculars and bird food.

Due to its popularity as a bird watching region, about 1.3 million people came to Arizona regularly to observe wild birds.  Yarchin said birding generated $838 million in trip-related spending the same year, bringing about $1.2 billion in revenue into the state.  Moreover, Yarchin said bird watching is drawing lots of crowd since it offers adventure to birth watchers way better than sitting in-front of a television.  “You might just say wildlife viewing is comparable to the combination of hunting and fishing,” he said.