Record Cuba-Florida Swim Attempted by Sixty-one Year Old Woman

A sixty-one year old female endurance swimmer, Diana Nyad, is making the attempt to swim one hundred miles from Havana to Key West, Florida. She made this same attempt at the age of twenty-eight but failed. It will take her approximately sixty hours to make the swim. If she accomplishes this swim, she will also become the first person to swim the strait without using a shark cage. She will rely instead on divers and technology to fend off the sharks.

She has been training in the open Caribbean Sea and has said she is confident with the shimmering water and still air that she can accomplish the swim. She said these two factors make idea conditions for her swim. She left on Sunday evening. She says that this has been one of her life long dreams and that it will inspire others to live their golden years vigorously.

In 1978 she made her first attempt at this cross but she swam inside a shark cage. She had swam for forty two hours before the sea currents hammered her off course and ended the swim. The next year she set a world record for open swimming. She swam without a shark cage from the Bahamas to Florida, a total of almost one hundred and three miles. After this swim, she retired from competitive endurance swimming.

During this swim she is planning on stopping every forty five minutes for a twenty second hydration break and every ninety minutes she will rest for twenty minutes and eat some bread or peanut butter.