Simon Cowell Says “X Factor” Ready To Topple American Idol In TV Ratings Game

British singing judge Simon Cowell said “X Factor” the new singing competition television program he is producing for Fox is ready to topple its competitions including television singing competition giant “American Idol”.

A former judge himself of “American Idol” for many years before he decided to quit in 2010, Cowell said “X Factor” which airs on September is a game changer who will change the face of singing competition in television.  “If I didn’t think we could and its not just ‘Idol’, it’s any show we don’t enter something for the silver medal”, Cowell said.

Cowell who will produce and be one of the judges of “X-Factor” said the production team will do everything in the next few weeks to ensure their program will win the ratings game since they will not settle for second place in the tight competition for viewership on the said time slot.  “I wouldn’t have made the show unless I thought it would be different we see this as a game changer,” Cowell added.  Aside from Cowell, Paul Abdul, a former “American Idol” judge herself will also seat as judge in the show which offers $5 million cash prize for the winner.

Fox television for its part expressed full support to the new television program said “X-Factor” will greatly help the station gain good ratings once it officially starts in September.  “If ‘X Factor’ can do half of what we hope it will do in the fall, Fox is going to be really difficult for the other guys to reckon with,”
Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said.

It is said that the new show debuts in a now-crowded market for TV talent contests that includes the surprise success of NBC newcomer “The Voice” earlier this year, and established favorites like “America’s Got Talent” and acapella contest “The Sing-Off”, as well as a revamped and resurgent “Idol” which airs from January-May.

What makes “X-Factor” different from “American Idol” and other singing competitions is the fact that it allows 13 years old and up and singing group to compete in the show.
This early Cowell is now very excited to work again with Abdul whom he consider as a very good friend.  “The X Factor” arrives on Fox on September 21 with a two-hour premiere, and ends with a two-part finale on Dec 21 and 22, where a winner will be chosen by public vote and scoop up a $5 million cash prize, as well as a recording contract with Cowell’s Sony Music-owned record label SyCo.

So what would you watch the long running “American Idol” or the newcomer “X-Factor”? It ‘s your decision guys!