Cuba to Key West Swimmer Diana Nyad Calls It Quits After 29 Hours

The sixty-one year old endurance/marathon swimmer, Diana Nyad has ended her second attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, a distance of approximately one hundred three miles. She was approximately half way there when she ended her swim on Tuesday. The swim was expected to take sixty hours and she had been swimming for twenty nine hours.

Diana Nyad decided to end the swim because of the conditions of the water. There were less than ideal currents and the winds were blowing from five to ten knots. The currents of the Gulf Stream were pushing her to the east of her intended course. She had originally wanted to end her swim at the southern most point in Key West.

Her first attempt was at the age of twenty eight with a shark cage but this time she made the attempt without a shark cage and instead depended on an electrical field to keep the sharks at bay. The electrical field would have come from equipment that was being towed by kayakers.

Her first attempt ended after almost forty two hours and if she had succeeded on this swim she would have broken her on record of one hundred two point five miles in a open sea swim with no shark cage when she swam from the Bahamas to Florida in 1979,