Deep Fried Butter: The Hottest and Dumbest Snack of The Summer

In another example of why Americans are FAT, the biggest trending news today is the clamoring for Deep Fried Butter, again. That’s right, you take a tasty chunk of butter and drop it into a nice hot vat of grease in a deep fryer. And presto….you have (yet another) tasty heart attack waiting to happen.

The deep fried butter frenzy seems to have started at a Texas state fair in 2009, though we’re sure some lethargic fat slob probably discovered it far earlier than 2009. They just didn’t have the foresight to market it the Obese masses of a Texas State Fair.

This time, the wonderfully healthy deep fried butter snack is making headlines at the Iowa state fair this week. To add insult to injury, you don’t just eat a stick of butter that is deep fried in oil. Nope, you also get the added nutritional value of sugar and honey. So in case you were on the fence on having a delicious deep fried butter stick, I’m certain you’ll be over the fence running¬†waddling to the deep fried butter kiosk to slap on your own honey and sugar.

Ambulances and heart surgeons are surely standing by.