Taliban Who Shot Down Helicopter Killed

The Taliban insurgents who were responsible for shooting down the American Chinook helicopter over the weekend that killed twenty two Navy Seals and eight others have been killed by international forces. They are still looking the top Taliban insurgent leader that was being sought in the mission on Saturday when the helicopter was shot down. The air strike on Monday took out less than ten Taliban insurgents who were involved in the attack on the helicopter. The Chinook helicopter, which is a heavy cargo helicopter, was shot down with what they believed was a rocket-propelled grenade.

Although they believe it was a rocket propelled grenade the military is still investigating the crash to see if there were any other causes or small arms fire that helped bring the helicopter down. They have now said that there were seventeen Navy Seas, three airmen from the Air Force, five Navy special operations troops, which help to support the Seals, a five member air crew from the Army, a dog from the military, one Afghan interpreter and seven commandos from Afghanistan but no names are being released by the military at this time. Some names have been released by family members.

The remains of the troops were returned to the United States on Tuesday in a secret operation that will not allow any media coverage. Their remains returned to Delaware at the Dover Air Force base with their transfer cases draped with the American flag.