NASA Discovers New, Darkest Planet In Galaxy

Another planet that is blacker than coal has been discovered in our galaxy and is the darkest plant known to be found. This planet is the size of Jupiter and is some seven hundred fifty light years away toward the direction of the Draco constellation. It was discovered by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft. Researchers have found that this gas giant that they are calling TrES-2b reflects less than one percent of the sunlight that falls on it. This is what makes it darker than any other moon or planet seen to date.

This new planet apparently lacks the reflective clouds like Jupiter does and its super heated atmosphere is more than one thousand eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit by a star that is just a little over three million miles away from the planet. This is what causes it to look so dark and black. It does give off a faint red glow because it is so hot so it is not totally black. It is still a mystery as to why to what is really causing it to be so dark. Researchers think it could be some type of chemical that they have not even thought of at this time.

At this time astronomers believe that this planet is like our moon and is tidally locked which mean that one side of the planet will always face the star causing it to change phases as it orbits around its star.