Survey: Casey Anthony Most Hated Person In United States

If there is one person who needs to avoid the crowd in the United States, it would definitely be Casey Anthony.This developed after it was discovered in a latest survey that she is the most hated person in th e country today. According to reports, Anthony, 25 who is currently in hiding is disliked by 94 person of those persons asked in the survey made by E-Score Celebrity poll.

Based on the same survey involving 1,100 respondents aged 13 and over it was also learned that 53 percent of those persons asked were aware of the legal case of Casey. ┬áIt can be recalled that many people were outraged when Anthony was acquitted in July of murdering her daughter Caylee in 2008 after a six-week trial live on television.Anthony was also considered “creepy” by 57 percent of those questioned and “cold” by 60 percent of respondents.

Taking the second spot in the survey is former “The Hills” reality TV show star Spencer Pratt. Pratt was followed by Nadya Suleman, the unemployed single California woman who gave birth to octuplets in 2009 despite already having six children. O.J. Simpson — who was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife and a friend in 1994 — came fourth.

The disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony, a young child from Orlando, Florida, received significant media attention in the United States.The subsequent trial of her mother, Casey Anthony, on charges of murder drew even greater coverage in national, international and social media.Caylee Marie Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008.

Anthony was indicted on charges of first degree murder and plead not guilty, on October 14, 2008. Caylee’s skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area near the family home on December 11, 2008. The prosecution sought the death penalty and the trial lasted for six weeks. In the United States, the case was called “one of the biggest ratings draws in recent memory” and “the social media trial of the century”.