New FBI Missing Child App For Smartphones

The FBI has issued a new child safety application of Smartphones that could help prevent a parent’s worst nightmare, and that is their child is missing. This application is the first one issued by the FBI and will give the parents a place to store electronically information about their children. You will be able to electronically store fingerprints, photos, height, weight, color of hair, color of eyes, and other vital information. This application will let parents pull up the data quickly in case of an emergency.

The application is downloaded through the Apple Application Store where the parent will get a prompt to add a child and enter the information including nicknames and address. Once it is stored it can be emailed to the proper authorities with a push of the “Call 911” button. The application also has tips what you should do in those first hours when a child is missing and tips on keeping them safe.

With identity theft on the rise and cell phones being something that identity thieves love to get their hands on, some people are concerned about the data being used the wrong way because the FBI does not collect the photos and date that is stored by the application. They are also concerned about a child accidentally pushing the emergency button. At this time there are no answers to either of these questions, which should be considered before the application is downloaded.

In the near future the FBI is going to make the application available to other mobile phones, such as Android and Windows phones.