It’s Official – April Deadliest Month for Tornadoes

It has been made official that April, 2011, was the deadliest month on record for tornadoes in the United States. There were seven hundred fifty three tornadoes across the United States. This does include the super outbreak from April 25-28 that killed more than three hundred people in the Midwest and South. The former record was five hundred forty three in May 2003.

While the final death statistics are still being looked at and studied they are saying that the death toll during the Dixie Outbreak on April 27th did set a one day record of tornado related deaths since 1950. It has even topped the three hundred and ten deaths in the April 3, 1974 tornado outbreak. The death toll numbers range from three hundred thirteen to three hundred seventeen but could go much higher.

According to atmospheric scientists there was an active weather pattern in April all across the forty eight contiguous states. These strong storms moved through the center of the country getting moisture from the Gulf of Mexico as they got stronger and matured across the mid-Mississippi Valley. They also figured in the warm ocean temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico, the La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean, and increasing moisture in the atmosphere that was caused by the warm climate.

For the year there were three hundred sixty four deaths in April and one hundred seventy seven deaths in May which comes to five hundred forty six deaths, the fourth overall in tornado deaths. The record for tornado deaths was set in 1925 with seven hundred ninety four deaths. April and May are the busiest months for tornadoes to happen.