NBA Stars Ready To Play Overseas If NBA Lockout Remains Unresolved

Some of the biggest names in the National Basketball Association has expressed readiness to play overseas if the National Basketball Association lockout will not resolve this year. Ne w Jersey Nets superstar point-guard Deron Williams already signed a contract to play with Besiktas a professional basketball team in Turkey.
In signing with the Turkish team, Williams said the NBA remains his top priority but if the current lockout of work stoppage will not be resolve he is ready to strut his skills in Turkey.

It was learned that aside from Williams, Besiktas is also trying to lure Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant to play with them if the lockout remains unsolved. Bryant for his part said there is a big possibility he will play outside of US if the lockout remains since he do not wants to play professional basketball this year.Miami Heat superstar guard Dwayne “Flash” Wade for his part said he will definitely play outside of the US if the NBA lockout remains.

Wade said at the moment he is carefully weighing his option and remains optimistic that the lockout will be given resolution soon. Like Wade, Oklah oma City Thunder silky smooth forward Kevin Durant is also seriously thinking of playing overseas if the lockout continues that will result in the cancellation of the entire NBA season. It can be recalled that lockout occurred after both the NBA players and team owners failed to sign the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that will govern the operations of the premier professional basketball league in the next few years.

The last NBA CBA expired on June 30 of this year. Owners want the current salary structure revamped after saying they lost $300 million in revenue last season. Players question that number, meanwhile, and are resisting the league’s push for a hard salary cap and reduction in salaries and maximum contract lengths.NBA fans around the world remains confident that the lockout will be resolve soon so that the next NBA season proceed as planned.