China Suffers 500,000 Cyberattacks In 2010

The Chinese government said it had been the target of a massive cyberattacks in 2010. The Chinese computer experts said they suffered 500,000 cyberattacks last year and almost half originated overseas. The computer experts revealed most of these cyberattacks were in the form of Trojan horse mal ware that installs on computers, allowing them to monitor usage and access personal information. The experts said of those Trojan horse attacks, 14.7 percent of those were traced to IP addresses in the United States and 8 percent in India.

The Chinese authorities made the revelation after the Asian country was also accused of hacking violations by other countries part of whom the United States. Computer security firm McAfee Inc. reported in early August that cyberattacks lasting at least five years targeted more than 70 entities, including national governments.  Identified targets were the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee and many American companies. McAfee said the culprit was most likely a nation state, and broad suspicion has fallen on China.

China has not responded officially but state media has said the speculation of a Chinese link was irresponsible.  China has denied all charges of hacking in the past and says the cou ntry itself is a victim of hacking.