Halo Lights Gain In Popularity For Car, Truck, and Motorcyle Enthusiasts

One of the more popular ways car enthusiasts add a distinct touch to their purchases is with adding halo lights to the front or rear of their vehicles.  Halo lights can certainly turn heads if they are mounted on a classic muscle car at night, zooming by at high speeds and shining their particular signature of light with them.

One of the great things about halo lights have is the choice of colors to pick from. For example, a deep blue sports car can augment the effect at night with matching halo lights. They are very popular with owners of Chevy Camaro’s or Dodge Magnum’s who like to spruce up their investments with something that will make them stand out at night. Halo lights can certainly augment other, spicier touches on a car, like the enhanced body graphics or spinner wheels.

Car Companies Jumping In To Halo Lights

BMW for example offers a white-light version of halo lights on different models of their vehicles for several years now. Audi also has made halo lights for cars that feature their brand name above their regular headlights, swooping over them like eyebrows. In addition, other car companies like Chevy get thousands of requests to augment some of their cars with halo lights, like the Challenger for example.

However, not everything is golden with using halo lights on vehicles. While the halo lights online can be purchased for as little as $200 a set in some cases, mounting them on the car may be a far more expensive proposition depending on the vehicle.

Besides that, many states do restrict the colors that can be used on halo lights to either white or amber, which is the color of turn signals. So, while it is important to check out what your state’s regulations are in terms of which colors can be chosen, that hasn’t stopped many from putting halo lights on their vehicles already. At gathering across the country, muscle car owners in particular like to show up and turn on their halos, which usually draw in the crowds.

This is just one of the latest trends for car enthusiasts to spruce up their vehicles, not to mention that halo lights also perform an important function at night by helping to illuminate the vehicle. A recent study by SEMA concluded that over a million car buyers each year can be open to customizing their new purchases, usually with audio systems or other auto accessories, and halo lights certainly have made their mark within this market. Ever since the early days of car manufacturing, many car owners have looked for ways to enhance or individualize their vehicles, to make them stand out and get noticed. Halo lights are now established as one of the more popular trends today.

Halo kits can be purchased for a very wide variety vehicles, from the Chrysler LX, to the Toyota Scion TC Coupe, all the way up to the stylish Bentley.  Although halo lights might not be manufactured for every type of car, it is rather unlikely you’ll see an old Hyundai Pony sporting halo lights, the market for these lights are growing every day.