Missouri Man Admits Killing 3 Year Old Girl, But Where Was Mom?

In southeast Missouri a little three year old girl was murdered and her body was dumped in a floodway ditch along Missouri 164 but unfortunately her body has not been found. A forty three year old neighbor has told the authorities that he suffocated the little three year old with a white plastic trash bag. And the reason for this senseless killing was because he found her standing on the ladder of his pool. Now the question remains is why was this little three year old girl away from her home without someone being with her? Where was her mother or whoever was watching her?

The neighbor admitted that he took her inside and suffocated her and then he put her body into the trash bag that he used to kill her and through her over the railing into the floodway ditch. He then took the bicycle she had ridden, dismantled it, and tossed it into the same water system. They have found the bicycle.

The little three year old girl was last seen in from of her home on August 6th. The authorities are using helicopters, dogs, and dragging the ditches looking for the little girl’s body.

The man is being held without bond and was charged over the weekend with armed criminal action, tampering with evidence in connection with the disappearance of the little girl, and first degree murder.