Working For Long Hours Could Lead To Alcohol Addiction

To all those persons who work long hours in a day it is time for you to slow down a bit. This developed after a recent medical study has shown that working long hours in a day could lead to alcohol addiction.The medical research was conducted in New Zealand by Otago University involving 1,000 people aged 25-30. The leader of the study Sheree Gibb revealed individuals working 50 or more hours per week had rates of alcohol-related problems that were 1.8 to 3.3 times higher than those for individuals who were not employed.

Gibb said the result of the survey pertains to both me n and women workers. She said the main reasons why these workers tend to drink more alcohol is to relieve stress related to their jobs. She added another reason is due to social contact with their workmates. “Individuals who work longer hours may have more social contact with co-workers, and workplaces where long hours are commonplace may experience a more sociable atmosphere that involves a greater level of alcohol use,” Gibb said.

Gibb hoped that after the result of their study more anti-alcohol abuse programs targeting people who worked long hours will be initiated by the government.Alcoholism is the addiction to or dependency upon drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages.Since the late twentieth century it has been considered an addictive disorder. It is characterized by compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, usually to the detriment of the drinker’s health, relationships, and social standing. Like other drug addictions, alcoholism i s medically defined as a treatable disease.