PSP Go Replacement: Sony Announces Budget PSP E-1000

In the ever changing world of handheld gaming consoles, things are changing again.  After what Sony considered a monumental failure of the PSP Go, they have come out and announced a budget PSP handheld game console, the PSP E-1000.  It’s getting more difficult to buy a gaming console for consumers, as it seems every time they buy a new unit, a better, cheaper model comes out 6 months later.

The PSP Go was shot down fairly quickly due to the PSP Go games not coming with a UMD drive, instead users had to do the manual PSP Go downloads of games even if they already owned them on a UMD drive.  While the PSP Go game console is supposedly a flop, and supposedly manufacturing is discontinued, rumors persist.  Sony hasn’t officially announced the death of PSP Go, and sales are still happening.

Even though SONY feels the game console was a flop, and critics are aplenty, there is a huge user base out there, and they love their PSP Go.  Thanks to that large, mostly European userbase, a whole PSP Go Downloads market has developed into a nice market, providing plenty of PSP Go games, as well as easy instructions on how to download games to PSP Go.  PSP Go Downloads is one of many sites offering expert knowledge and PSP games to download, in this fast moving market.

So, while Sony announces the budget PSP E-1000 with it’s 99 Euros price tag, and it’s UMD drive compatability, the PSP Go continues to soldier on.   The PSP Go game download sites realize there is still a huge number of PSP Go consoles out there, and even believe there are still plenty of units still selling quietly around the globe.  For that reason, they continue to offer 150,000 PSP Go game files, covering all genres of games.  One of the benefits of the PSP Go games downloads is the fact that users can get unlimited lifetime access to all the games for under $40, add to that the fact you don’t have to carry all those silly UMD drives and it’s no wonder the PSP Go continues to have a happy user base.

And with all the money they’ll save over the next several years, they’ll have plenty of money saved up to buy the “next big thing”.  Don’t worry there will be 20 different iterations of the PSP Go, or PSP 3000, or whatever they push to market in the coming years.

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The PSP®go system is small but mighty. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you download whatever you want, the second you want it, including hundreds of full games, 


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The PSP Go (stylized PSPgo or PSP go, model PSP-N1000) is a version of the PlayStation Portable handheld game console manufactured by Sony.