Folica Helps Herstyler Flat Iron and Curling Iron Sales has become a leading online retailer of flat irons, curling irons, and a wide variety of other hair and hair styling products.  And thanks to Folica’s reach, Herstyler flat iron sales have been steadily increasing, as have the sales of the Herstyler curling iron.

The Herstyler flat iron and Herstyler curling iron are manufactured and distributed by Mazel Enterprise, based in Los Angeles,  California.  Thanks, in part, to, Mazel Enterprise has grown into one of the largest specialty retailers in California, and inded, in the United States.  The Herstyler line has become a popular hair care product on Folica and on

Unless your male, or a bald female, you’ve likely heard of, and likely shopped there already.   On their website it’s easy to find what you need to fix your hair.  Whether you need a flat iron, or a curling iron, or you just want to cut your hair, they’ve got what you need, and you can get it quickly and cheaply with their free shipping.  It’s so easy to shop as you can sort your search by hair type, style, how to, care, repair, by brand, by price, etc, and come up with a short list of the goods you need now., like any leading internet retailer these days, has impeccable customer service, by knowledgeable hair freaks, and a 30 day free returns in case you ordered the wrong item.   Of course, you’re not likely to get the wrong product, thanks to their legit customer reviews that number well over 60,000 flat iron reviews.   And after you’ve found what you want, it’s pretty certain it will be in stock as they stock close to 30 million units of product in their NJ warehouse at any given time.

Of course, they don’t just carry the popular Herstyler flat iron above; they actually carry 275 different flat irons.  They carry over 300 brands from all the top manufacturers in hair care.   According to the website, Folica currently has 55 employees that each own 75 products and/or tools each, on average.  And those 55 hair obsessed employees have served a total of 1.3 million customers. It’s no wonder sales of the Herstyler curling iron and flat iron are skyrocketing for Mazel Enterprise.