Jared Cano Tampa School Bomb Plot Foiled

A young seventeen year old, Jared Cano, who had been expelled from a Tampa, Florida school was making pipe bombs in his basement so he could attack the school that had expelled him. He wanted to cause mass casualties. The police are saying that they have apparently prevented a catastrophic event unlike any that Tampa has ever seen and that they hope never will. The ex-student wanted to cause more casualties than at Columbine high school in which one teacher and twelve students were killed.

The police had received a tip from an informant that this attack was set to take place next week on the first day of classes. The ex-student has been arrested in the past on different charges such as carrying a concealed weapon and burglary. When they searched his home the police found plastic tubing, fusing and timing devices, sources of fuel, and shrapnel plus a journal of drawings of the rooms in the school. They also found statements that apparently indicated his intentions of carrying out this deadly attack.

The ex-student, when arrested, was charged with “threatening to throw, project, place, or discharge a destructive device” in addition to having possession of bomb-making materials and cultivating marijuana. The ex-student did admit his plan to discharge a bomb at the high school.

Upon checking his computer they found his facebook page on which he has a picture of himself holding a machete. He also had to the quote “lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten.” When he was at his court hearing on Wednesday he told the judge that he did not know what to say. His arraignment date is set for September 5th.