Water Amoeba Linked to Three Deaths So Far This Year

A water amoeba that is linked to a deadly brain infection has claimed the lives of a young man and two children this summer. This rare infection can happen when a person is exposed to the water amoeba when they are doing water sports or swimming in lakes or warm ponds. This is such a rare infection that there have only been one hundred twenty cases in the United States since it was first identified in the early part of 1960. There is on the average three deaths a year with 2010 reporting four deaths.

Not everyone that swims in water that is infested with these amoebas get the deadly nervous system conditions. It is a mystery that has baffled scientists since it was first discovered. The amoeba gets up the nose and burrows itself through the skull to destroy brain tissue and is almost always fatal because it is hard to treat. There has only been one incident in which they had a successful treatment. It is mostly found in the South during the summer in the warm rivers and lakes.

The death of the young man was an unusual case as he did not get the water amoeba from swimming in a warm lake or river. He got it from his tap water when he used it in a specialty pot used to rinse out the nose with salt water to help relieve your allergies, sinus, or cold problems.