HP TouchPad Price Cuts: Slashed to $99.99 in Canada

Bargain hunter its time to rejoice especially if you are a gadget geek. According to reports, technology giant Hewlett Packard are now selling some of it Touchpad at the bargain price of $99.99 in some Canadian outlets. One of the stores selling this cheap Touchpad is Best Buy Canada which is selling 16 GB TouchPad for $99.99, compared to its previous price of $399.99.

The decision to sell this Touchpad at the lowest cost was reached after HP announced on Thursday that they would be stopping operations on its webOS devices. Data from the internet also revealed that the 32 GB version of the device has had its price cut from $499.99 to $149.99. However, the bargain saleĀ  will end on August 22.

It was also learned that the huge price drop had yet to happen in US stores since both versions of the HP TouchPad are being sold at their standard retail prices. Moreover it was further learned that the HP TouchPad’s liquidation, as well as the HP announcement regarding the shuttering of webOS operations, comes approximately a month and a half after the device originally went on sale. The HP TouchPad is a tablet computer which was developed and designed by Hewlett-Packard.

The HP TouchPad was launched on July 1, 2011, in the United States, and July 15 in Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Initial reviews labelled the release underwhelming, and a number of industry analy sts had described it as too expensive, too heavy and doomed to failure.