Injury Slows Down Novak Djokovic, US Open Stint In Jeopardy

The hottest professional male tennis player in the world today has cooled down a bit due to a worsening shoulder injury. Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic recently quit the Cincinnati Open Finals against Andy Murray due to his nagging injury.  Djokovic who had won 57 matches and two grand slam titles this year was forced to bow out of the tournament since he cannot anymore endure the pain caused by the injury.

“The reason (I retired) is shoulder pain. I just could not serve,” Djokovic said sadly.  “I served an average 90 miles per hour the first serve, and I could not play forehands,” Djokovic added. He also too k time to apologized to the people who watched the match saying he should have continued the match but his physical condition just could not allow it.”It’s unfortunate that I had to finish this way,” he said.

With his injury, Djokovic whose last defeat was on the hands of Roger Federer in the semi-finals of the French Open, could miss the chance to compete in the US Open, the last grand slam of the year which starts on August 29. Djokovic, who also happens to be the top ranked professional male tennis player in the planet is confident his injury would heal before the start of the US open. “I am confident that I can recover and be ready for the U.S. Open,” he said. Moreover, the tennis superstar said he will do his best not to disappoint professional tennis fans by playing in the US Open against the rest of the professional tennis superstars in the world.