Unhealthy Mothers More Likely To Have Sickly Kids

What you sow is what you reap, says a popular passage in the Bible. This same principle is recently discovered by medical practitioners who said that unhealthy mothers could end up having sickly kids in their lives. According to the study children of disadvantaged, unhealthy mothers are more than five times as likely to have fair or poor overall health.

The medical researchers revealed these children are also more likely to score lower on surveys of well-being, have a significantly greater risk of developing asthma and/or a learning disability and are more likely to make emergency department visits. The researchers said they got the data from the 2007 and 2008 National Health Interview Surveys. The researchers explained aside from genetics they also discovered other factors why unhealthy mothers could end up having unhealthy kids as well.

Co-author Jessica Halliday Hardie, of Pennsylvania State University’s Population Research Institute, said mothers who experience frequent or serious health problems may have a harder time monitoring their children or performing day-to-day care-taking tasks, including taking their children to regular medical checkups which result to a poor health condition in the process. Hardie said the combination of factors mentioned above other than genetics caused children of unhealthy mothers to become sickly.