Window Accidents Injure 5,000 U.S. Kids Yearly

Parents across the United States better watch their children at all times especially if they live in high rise buildings. This developed after a recent study has show n that 5,000 children in America are injured annually due to window accidents. The study revealed that most the children fell from the first and second story windows of these houses.

Dr. Gary Smith of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio revealed preschoolers are more prone to this kind of accidents since they suffer severe head injuries than older children. “Two-thirds of these injuries occurred among children younger than 5. This is the age group that’s mobile, curious and does not recognize the danger of  falling from a window,” Smith explained. Smith and his team got the data of their study by studying relevant facts gathered from emergency departments from 1990 through 2008 involving some 98,415 children who were hurt during that time. He said luckily only fewer than 1 percent of the cases led to deaths.

The researchers also discovered in their research that summer months, when windows are left open, saw the highest number of injur ies. Moreover it was learned that the one- and two-story falls made up 94 percent of the cases where the height of the fall was recorded. Injury rates also declined slightly over the 19 years, about 4 percent, almost entirely in the under-5 age group. The average yearly injury rate was about 7 injuries per 100,000 children.

Smith hopes that their study would educate parents to care more for their children and to buy window guards which cost  about $20 to $40 per window. “We know what works and yet we still have over 5,000 children a year being rushed to emergency departments because of falls from windows. That’s 14 kids a day,” he said.