List: Washington Landmarks Closed Due To Earthquake

The long list of landmarks and buildings being closed due to Tuesday’s east coast 5.8 earthquake, centered in Virginia, continues to get longer.

Many government and school employees are getting a day off to enjoy a beautiful weather day on the East Coast.  Unfortunately, many Washington DC landmarks are shut down by the earthquake, so visiting said landmarks can be checked off of the things to do on the bonus day off list.

Here’s the most recent Washington landmarks shut down due to the earthquake and why:

  • Washington National Cathedral – parts of the spires broke off and fell to the ground during the earthquake, and cracks in the structure have been found.
  • Washington Monument closed –  This is closed indefinitely due to cracks found in the structure
  • US Capitol Building – was closed for inspection but is now open.
  • White House – initially closed for inspections, but opened yesterday at 4PM
  • Lincoln Memorial – was closed, but now open, with no damage found
  • Jefferson Memorial – Initially evacuated and closed, now open today.
  • Old post office tower – to reopen today
  • Smithsonian Museums – Closed Tuesday and being inspected, some minor cracks and broken glass reported.  Unknown if opening Wednesday.


If you are planning on visiting any of the above landmarks today, you might want to wear a bright yellow hardhat, it’s fashionable and functional.