Nassau, Bahamas Looks To Get Pasted By Hurricane Irene

While the folks in North Carolina worry about the potential for a hit by Hurricane Irene later this week, the people of the Bahamas don’t have much time to worry, as they take a direct hit from Hurricane Irene.  And it’s about to get worse for the large city of Nassau, Bahamas, as the storm looks to intensify over the next 24 hours and it could take a direct hit from Irene.

Hurricane Irene is currently over the Crooked and Acklins Islands of South East Bahamas, with sustained winds of 115 mph.  Irene is moving North West at 12 mph now, and has it’s site set on hitting Nassau possibly head on, with sustained winds of 125 mph as it intensifies over 29 degree celsius water.  Irene is currently 285 miles south east of Nassau, which at it’s current pace means it will hit Nassau in just under 24 hours as it intensifies to 125 mph.

According to the National Hurricane Center,  Hurricane Irene’s eye has become more distinct in satellite imagery, and along with aircraft measurements, has declared this a category 3 hurricane.  They anticipate it could become a Cat 4 hurricane in then next 24 hours.

All residents of Bahamas, as well as tourists vacationing in the Bahamas, should prepare for very high winds, rain, flash flooding, and major storm surge and high waves.