Hurricane Irene Puts Ocean City, Maryland Under Evacuation Order

If the only thing getting you through this work week was the thought of drinking yourself into oblivion while burning on the beach at Ocean City, Maryland, well this news isn’t going to make you happy.  City officials have declared an emergency Ocean City, Maryland evacuation that is to begin at Midnight Friday, and all people must be out of Ocean City, Maryland by 5 pm Friday.

And you Dewey Beach, DE alcoholics, I mean beach goers, you might as well find a bar in Washington DC to go drink yourselves silly, as it won’t be much better in Dewey.  More than likely Dewey Beach officials will order an evacuation as well.

Hurricane Irene is expected to pound the Maryland shores sometime Saturday afternoon or early evening based on current model forecasts.  It’s expected to be a Category 2 or 3 by that time, so there is some major flooding expected.  Along with some storm surge, rainfall amounts of up to 10 inches in some areas will make things a little soggy for days to come.

States of emergency have been declared in several states, including Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, and New York.

Hurricane Irene: ocean City MD evacuation –

1 hour ago  The Town of Ocean City is ordering a mandatory evacuation for both residents and visitors of the Maryland coastal resort beginning tonight