A Planet Made Of Diamond, Women and DeBeers Salivating Profusely

Diamond miner and marketer, DeBeers must have it’s lawyers figuring just how you go about buying a planet, as astronomers have discovered a planet that appears to be made of diamond.  That’s right, a Diamond Planet!

It may take a while for Debeers to figure out how to buy the planet, or the mining rights to the diamond planet.  But that pales in comparison to how long it would take to get the diamond mining equipment to the diamond planet, as it’s 4,000 light years away from earth.  Not your average weekend road trip.  This translates to 1/8 of the way to the center of the milky way from earth.

The Diamond planet was discovered to be extremely dense carbon, which leads scientists to believe the planet would be in crystalline in form, aka pure diamond, baby.

Even if mankind could get TO the planet, it might prove a little tricky getting ON the planet to mine the diamonds.  The Diamond Planet is orbiting a neutron star every two hours, and the pulsar star it orbits: it spins hundreds of times a SECOND, and emits lovely beams of radiation.  Conditions not exactly conducive to human beings!