China Plays Hardball On NBA Players Seeking To Play In China

National Basketball Association players who wish to play overseas if the NBA lockout will not be resolve this year, better erase China as your possible destination. This developed after the Chinese Basketball Association had made a ruling restricting contracted NBA players from playing for domestic teams in the event. Based on the directive, only NBA players who are free agents or under no contractual obligation from an NBA team are allowed to play in China.

With this new rules, NBA superstars who wish to play in the China cannot anymore do it since they have a mother team in the NBA. The rule also prohibits NBA players the chance to return to the NBA if ever the lockout is resolve while they are still actively playing in China. The CBA earlier explained that they decided to make the ruling to discourage players from ducking out for dubious reasons such as suspect injuries or unverified family problemsĀ at home.

The new CBA season is set to start on November 20. Among the NBA stars who earlier express plans to play in China were New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, New Orleans point-guard Chris Paul and Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade.