Hurricane Irene’s Outer Rain Bands Hitting North Carolina Shores Now

With Hurricane Irene only 330 miles south south west from the North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras, the outer rain bands are now beginning to drop some moderate rainfall in many areas of North Carolina and the Outer banks.

Maximum sustained winds for Hurricane Irene are still holding strong at 105 mph, and the storm is currently travelling due north at a speed of 14 mph.  That speed and direction means the eye of the storm should hit Cape Hatteras early morning Saturday.

Hurricane warnings, meaning hurricane force winds are expected in less than 36 hours, have been extended all the way into the Chesapeake Bay to Drum Point, along with all coastal regions of Virginia and Maryland,  as well as Deleware and New Jersey.

Hurricane Irene is expected to turn to the North East sometime Saturday, and decrease to a Category one after hitting North Carolina.