LSU Football Players Issued Arrest Warrants For Fight, Quarterback Jordan Jefferson Included

Baton Rouge, La police have issued arrest warrants for Jordan Jefferson, LSU Quarterback, as well as for Joshua Johns, a linebacker teammate of Jefferson’s for a bar fight last week.  Four people were injured in the altercation.  Jordan Jefferson and Joshua Johns are charged with second degree battery.

It’s been reported already that the LSU quarterback and Johns, have been suspended indefinitely by LSU team officials.

The fight occurred outside of a Baton Rouge bar called Shady’s on August 19.  Seems something shady went on there.  One witness, a 19 year old woman, said she watched several LSU players beating one of the victims outside the bar, and also said she saw Jefferson kick that same man in the face.  Nice Jefferson, kick a man when he’s down, a very classy man, Mr. Jefferson.

Neither Jefferson or Johns have turned themselves in as of yet.  I’m sure Jefferson is hiding somewhere like the coward he is, though I’m sure the pansy ass face kicker will be talked into turning himself in by his attorney.  One can only hope he gets a good kick to the head himself.