NATO Offers $1.7M Bounty For Gadhafi’s Arrest

To speed up the arrest of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has offered a $1.7M bounty for his arrest. NATO hoped through the money offered for Gadhafi arrest will result in the eventual capture of the dictator who is in hiding after the rebels were able to successfully penetrated the Libyan capital Tripoli.

At the moment, the Libyan rebels are doing its best to capture  Sabha, another Gadhafi stronghold in the south, and in Zuwarah in the west, where they said they had captured a military base. Reports also bared that Libyan rebels clashed with Gadhafi troops as the opposition tried to put pressure on the last main bastion of the ousted Libyan leader
along the Mediterranean coast. Some reports also state that special forces from different nations are now joining the hunt for the arrest of Gadhafi.

The arrest and capture of Gadhafi is very important so that the new government of Libya can finally take oath. Despite the significant progress of the rebel movement, latest reports state that Gadhafi remain defiant and continue to persuade his supporters to fight till death against the Libyan rebels. Gadhafi in a statement also said that he will not surrender and that his latest escaped from Tripoli is a tactical move so that he can once again strike against t he rebels.

To show that the world that Gadhafi remains powerful in Libya, some of his loyal soldiers earlier snatched four Italian journalists who taken at gunpoint on Wednesday outside Tripoli. In a rescue operation, the Italian journalists were eventually freed on Thursday.