Extraterrestrial Hurricanes and Storms

Yes, other planets besides Earth have storms. The weather service here is calling Hurricane Irene a huge monster storm but according to the ones who study the planets Hurricane Irene is nothing more than a baby when compared to the huge cyclones that happen on Saturn and Jupiter. These two gas giants can send out spinning squalls that can be bigger than the whole Earth.

Although these type of storms are not fueled by warm ocean water they can have lightening, thunder, and rain with more violent and stronger winds. Hurricane Irene is measuring approximately six hundred miles across as it headed for the East Coast but it is pale in comparison to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot that has been raging for one hundred eighty years and is so big you could fit two entire Earth planets inside it.

On Saturn in December a thunderstorm erupted that was approximately six thousand two hundred miles wide and is known as the Great White Spot. It is still going strong today and some of the clouds have even wrapped all the way around this ringed planet. This thunderstorm is even producing quite a bit of lightening just like a thunderstorm does on Earth.

At Neptune’s South Pole the astronomers saw a cyclone last year that was thousands of miles wide. This one was similar to a spinning storm which was discovered a few years earlier at the south pole of Saturn. That particular storm on Saturn even had a well developed eye like a hurricane on Earth but Saturn’s eye measured approximately two thousand five hundred miles in diameter. An eye of a hurricane on Earth may only be just two or three miles across.