Earth has Millions of Unseen Species

A new study show that earth has approximately eight point eight million species but the number could be as low as three million and as high as ten million species. It is just hard to figure out how many there really is. Using the estimate of eight point eight million species, scientist figure that two point two million live in the ocean and six point five million live on land. Scientists figure that there are seven point eight million animal species, fungi has six hundred eleven thousand species and plants have approximately three hundred thousand species. Of this number of species that are suppose to be on Earth only about one fourth have been discovered so far by scientists.

Some of the species not yet seen may be the ones in our own yards. The most recent species discovered was a small weird frogfish that was psychedelic. It was a lizard that was only about the size of a dime. They have even discovered at the bottom of the ocean a blind hairy mini-lobster.

Some people may question just what the reason is that makes it so important that we need to know the number of species on Earth but it can be important because there may be potential benefits that some of these undiscovered species have. Also, some may need to be found before they disappear from Earth. From these unusual animals and plants has come some of today’s modern medicine.

Scientist feels that if medical sciences are going to advance then it is important to know what species are in the environment.