Embattled President Obama Finds Solace with Friends in Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

With his popularity declining and the economy of the United States going nowhere, President Barrack Obama gets his inspiration to continue his tough job from his family and close friends. In the recent vacation of Obama three of his closest friends went out with him to offer him comfort and much needed advice as he faces re-election and the dwindling economy of the US. Eric Whitaker, Martin Nesbitt and Valerie Jarrett took time from their busy schedule to accompany Obama on his nine-day vacation on the exclusive island Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Obama became friends with the three who are now part of the cabinet of the president during his days in Chicago. Jarrett currently works as White House senior adviser and Whitaker, an executive at the University of Chicago Medical Center. During the vacation of the president, the three provided the president with valuable input and laugh as he continue his job as the leader of the American people.

Jarret said the president finds joy in them since he can just be a normal person being with them as they accepted him wholeheartedly on who he is. She said it is a great pleasure for them to become friends with the president. The senior advisers said no matter what happens to the political career of the president after 2012 they would remain on his side no matter what happens.

The president for his part expressed joy over having his closes friends in the critical times of his political career. Political experts said having his friends and family on his side these days is very beneficial for the president as he face the huge challenges of his country at the moment.