Nuts and Soy Diet Offers Better Low Cholesterol Results Than Low-Fat Diet

Those people who wants to lose unwanted cholesterol better undergo nuts and soy diet than the common low-fat diet. This developed after a recent medical study in Canada has shown that people who partake nuts and soy diet have lose more cholesterol than those who resort to low-fat diet to lose weight and cholesterol. According to the study, those people who undergo nuts and soy diet for 13 months ends up losing 13 percent cholesterol than those who undergo low-fat die on the same period who only managed to get five percent drop in cholesterol in their body.

The research was made on four places in Canada namely Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver and made up of 351 participants having elevated cholesterol levels. The researchers hoped the study will entice people to eat cholesterol lowering foods for them to avoid obesity or the obese to lose weight. Data from the internet has shown that cholesterol is vital in the production of hormones and cell membranes that would be transported in the blood plasma of all mammals.

However, too much cholesterol can also damage arteries and are potentially linked to diseases such as those associated with the cardiovascular system (heart disease). With its ill-effects if they are too many, it is best that a person need to have an average cholesterol level to avoid medical complications in the future.