Oakland Man Gets Life Term For Killing Oakland Newspaper Editor

The court sentenced a 25-year-old man from Oakland to life imprisonment for killing the editor of a newspaper in Oakland last 2007. The Alameda Country Superior Court found Yusuf Bey IV guilty for the death of Chauncey Bailey, editor of Oakland Post in the summer of 2007.

Based on court records, Bey, former leader of the  Oakland-based black community organization Your Black Muslim Bakery, an Afri can American business and community organization ordered the killing of Bailey since the latter had been working on an expose against his group.

Bey ordered two of his men, Antoine Mackey and Devaughndre Broussard, to kill Bailey because he believed the story would be “slanderous”. Mackey also get life term for the death of Bailey, while  Broussard was sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to his crime.

The Committee to Protect Journalists expressed joy over the ruling since it would deter people from killing journalist in the future. Bey aided by his lawyer Gene Peretti remain steadfast that he has no hand in the death of Bailey but took time to apologized to the family of his victim for his death.