President Obama’s Uncle “Omar” Arrested For DUI and Illegal Immigrant Status

After catching flak for taking a vacation while the economy is taking a plunge, Barrack Obama has some something a little more embarrassing to digest.  It seems his long lost uncle, Onyango Obama, better known as Uncle Omar, has been arrested for DUI, and then to add insult to injury, he’s been detained as an illegal Immigrant.

Uncle Omar Obama was arrested for dui, after he blew 0.14 in Framingham, MA on August 24.  Hew was charged with DUI, driving to endanger, AND failing to use a turn signal.  One can only assume he was too drunk to find said turn signal lever.  Uncle Omar is 67 years old now, so he really should know better.

After his arrest he was detained as an illegal immigrant by U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement, as it seems good ole’ Uncle Omar had an outstanding warrant for his detainment, as was previously ordered deported to Kenya.

That obviously raises questions for US Customs and Immigration, Homeland Security, and for President Obama.  So here goes:  Since Uncle Omar Obama is President Obama’s uncle, you would think that U.S. Immigration and Customs officials would have thought to ask President Obama for his uncles whereabouts after he failed to show up for his deportation to Kenya.  Now lets assume that U.S. Immigration officials were smart enough to think of asking the President where Unlce Omar was.  Did President Obama not cooperate with the request for his whereabouts, or did he deny knowing where Uncle Omar was residing.  Worse yet, did President Obama tell U.S. Customs and Immigration to back off on the search for Onyango Obama?

Grab some popcorn, sit back in your Lazy Boy, and watch as this story unfolds.